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I want to start with the word Satwa, which is a big community in Dubai, United Arab Emirates located southwest of Bur Dubai and adjacent to Shiekh Zayed Road. Satwa is famous because of its large south Asian community. Total area of Satwa is 2.87km2 and total population according to 2017 is 40228. Community number of Satwa is 334. The Aranian mosque which is also known as the Hassein Mosque in the Satwa and many other interesting things are there . Now i want to discuss the word Cytotec from my title.

Buy Cytotec 200 mcg

So the first question which arrived in our minds that is what is  Cytotec 200mcg?

Cytotec is first introduced in the mid of 1986 for the treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers.  The commercial name of Cytotec 200mcg is Misoprostol. Misoprostol is prostaglandin E1 analog which is very first used to reduced the risk of gastric ulcer by secreting the gastric acid from parietal cells. Its brand name is Cytotec 200mcg and generic name is misoprostol and class name is gastrointestinal agent its formula is C22H38O5. Cytotec 200mcg   is also used for abortion or family planning in right way. Cytotec 200mcg is also known as abortion pills. It is accidentally found that it is beneficial for the abortion process. when the people used Cytotec 200mcg for the other purpose like ulcers and other sgastric problems then doctors in 1990 noticed that the women with their pregnancy has its bad side effects like they lose their pregnancy like abortion.

So the media and people against its use of cytotec because of the abortion of many ladies in many countries then it has bad effect on its sales  by suddenly reduced the  use of cytotec. Now we discussed the use of cytotec  in gynecology

  1.  For abortion,
  2.  Medical management of miscarriages,
  3.  Induction of labor,
  4. Cervical ripening before surgical procedure
  5. Treatment of postpartum hemorrhage

Cytotec is widely use in the UAE, Dubai , al-satwa  and nearbye areas and in the whole world

But the main thing is the cytotec or misoprostol has not been approved bye any food and drug administration of united states for any obstetrical use.cytotec is safe and reliable mdicin for the womens to abort their pregnancy especially for those who don’t want baby.

The common side effects of Cytotec 200mcg are the

  • Menstrual cramps
  • Viginal bleeding
  • Heavy menstrual flow
  • Spotting
  • Feeling thirsty or hot
  • Heavy sweating
  • Stomach was very discomfort
  • Hot and dry skin
  • Gas
  • Disturbance of stomach
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach pain
  • Headache
  • Vomiting etc     

Cytotec start its work from 30 minuts to 4 hours .usually bleeding start after the use time of 40 to 45 minuts to 4 hours. Cytotec 200mcg tablets contain 100and 200mgs .this is off two types for abortion like as oral eaten and as placing pills under the veginal tract. So for the abortion its is taken alone or with other medication for better and fast results. The 3 to 4 doses of 200mg cytotec is enough for the abortion and if insert in vegina the same dose is used as 4 doses of 200 mg insert. Cytotec 200mcg store at or below 25 degree C or in dry place and keep away from children reach.

How we can use Cytotec 200mcg:

The best time of taken Cytotec 200mcg is the after lunch or diner or the just before your bed time and use as your doctor recommended to taken Cytotec 200mcg . Don’t give this medication to other people without consulting your doctor and it is best to take it with milk or with any other healthy food.

Why we use Cytotec 200mcg:

Cytotec 200mcg cause the defects in pregnant women like abortion, premature birth or uterine rupture. Uterine rupture is reported usually when Cytotec 200mcg is induce in pregnant women which are aged or who which have recent surgery of uterine. So that doctors must told all the side effect to the patients before suggesting them Cytotec 200mcg.

Now I want to come back to my main topic that is Cytotec 200mcg you can buy online in Satwa, United Arab Emirates. Actually I want to described to you that what is Cytotec 200mcg and whats its uses in Satwa or Dubai or other United Arab Emirates states so that’s why I explained the Cytotec 200mcg in details for your understanding. But now I am not taken your more enough time for that. Now we briefly prescribe the present or past situation of Satwa and other United Arab Emirates states.

So where the lightening of Dubai or United Arab Emirates states attract us toward Dubai or their city like Al-Satwa,  Sharja  etc and the restaurants, shopping malls, their buildings and other beautiful places for tourist beaches attract most people to dubai .dubai is succesfull country because of its oil production but more that because of their tourism. Now we going to the dark side of Dubai or United Arab Emirates and satwa where the many illegal things were happened. Prostitution is the main thing which is increasing day by day at dubai especially in satwa.

So you think what is prostitution:

It’s basically women which are called call girl, sex worker, working girl, rented girlfriend, traveling entertainer ,massage girl, and many more their names which basically meet up with different people for sexual relation which are not their friends or relatives but they do sex and pay them for that. Dubai is a mixture of different kinds of peoples like Bangladeshi, Arabic, Flopains, Indians, Pakistani and many more smiller kind of people live in Satwa .so that’s why there are many illegal activities are happing specially prostitution. It’s a major field in satwa the city of dubai . prostitution is illegal in dubai as like many other countries. But dubai is a sex trade country because of the tourism which enjoy this entertainment exchange of favorable money.

It is crime in Dubai ,UAE and in satwa to abort a being pregnant unless:it endangers the woman’s life or there is proof that the child will be born with deadly deformities and will now not survive.

In the latter case, the foetus need to be aborted before it is 120 days old, which is at some stage in the seventeenth week of the pregnancy and one week into the 2nd trimester. The abortion need to be authorized by an permitted medical board. Abortion of foetus after one hundred twenty days of pregnancy is now not permitted. So the prostitution is at high stage at Dubai , United Arab Emirates at very low fees so that’s why the use of cytotec as an abortion tablet is on massive scale at satwa due to the fact there are a lot of female working as intercourse workers. So they use it for aborting their being pregnant as their each day routeen is doing intercourse with special peoples however they don’t want child so they abort it when they sense to be pregnant. Cytotec is available without problems in Dubai and United Arab Emirates, Satwa like many different cities and countries. So due to the fact it is effortlessly available its use is high in Dubai or United Arab Emirates, Satwa for aborting the being pregnant of ladies as they favor or in some instances forcefully if intercourse employee or others women don’t desire to abort. Cytotec is handy on-line at very web sites and many unlawful companies work on the sale of cytotec for unlawful use as prostitution is unlawful like that use of cytotec is additionally unlawful however its use is growing day with the aid of day in dubai and satwa and different UAE places. So the peoples buy cytotec on line thru web sites which delivered cytotec to their domestic tackle or any different addressees which they supply and money on shipping based totally it is going on in satwa. These instances of abortion by using the usage of cytotec occur on massive scale in this metropolis. So there is sturdy relationship between cytotec and satwa.

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